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Bruce E. Bernstien & Associates - Tax Lawyer Near You in Dallas Texas

Bruce E. Bernstien & Associates Tax Law Firm is located Near you in Dallas, Texas and serves individuals and businesses throughout Texas and the United States. The Firm is led by Bruce Bernstien who is an attorney with a Law Degree (JD), a Masters of Law in Taxation (LLM) and is a Certified Public Accountant. He has over 30 years of professional tax lawyer experience and the Firm has 11 employees and continues to grow every year with the addition of new clients and employees..

The Firm provides Tax Return and Tax Consultation services in Dallas, TX to individuals and businesses (both for profit and nonprofit). Additionally, assistance is given with IRS Audits at both the Examination and Appeals Levels of the IRS as well as representing taxpayers in Tax Court. Rulings are also obtained on behalf of clients from the National Office of the IRS, including Applications for Tax Exempt Status for nonprofit organizations.

Assistance is also provided with required State Tax Return and Report Filings as well as dealing with State Departments of Revenue, including representing taxpayers with State Tax Audits.

Legal services are also provided to our clients, from setting up legal entities--Partnerships, Corporations, Limited Liability Companies and Trusts, including any required filings with Secretaries of State. We review agreements and contracts for tax and legal implications for individuals and businesses to achieve the best results for our clients.

Bruce E. Bernstien & Associates is a Member Firm of Plus Associates LLC--A Multidisciplinary Professional Services Group of Firms--that office together and offer coordinated tax, legal, & financial services to our Dallas, TX clients . For additional information about Plus Associates LLC, Visit our Additional Member Firms of Plus Associates LLC page.

To discuss your tax, legal or financial matters in confidence with an experienced Dallas Tax Attorney + CPA, schedule a confidential consultation with Bruce Bernstien by calling (214) 706-0837 or filling out our intake form and we will contact you.

Practice Areas

  • Start-Up Services for Businesses and Non-Profits

    • Form the legal organization
    • File all required forms with Federal and State Authorities
    • Prepare all required Federal and State Tax Returns & Reports
    • Consult on tax, legal and financial matters
  • Federal IRS and State Tax Disputes

    • Represent taxpayers at the Examination and Appeals Levels of the IRS
    • Represent taxpayers in Tax Court
    • Prepresent taxpayers before State Tax Authorities
  • Tax Planning, Returns and Compliance

    • Prparation of Federal and State Tax Returns and Reports
    • Tax consultation on Federal and State Tax Matters
  • Tax Exempt and Non-Profit Organizations

    • Obtaining Tax Exempt Status with the IRS and State Tax Authorities
    • Maintining an organization's Tax Exempt Status
    • Preparing all Federal Tax Returns and Reports
  • Complex Estate Planning

    • Creating an Estate Plan to minimize or eliminate Estate taxes
    • Praparing Wills and Trust
    • Asset Protection
  • Asset Protection

    • Preserve your assets from being taken by creditors
    • Use Trusts and Limited Parterships to hold and protect your assets
  • Wills and Trusts

    • Prepare Wills to pass on your assets to your heirs
    • Prapare Trusts for various purposes,including asset protection managing assets and estate planning
  • Probate Services

    • Probate Administration services for execution of estates
    • Preparation of required tax returns