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Firm Overview

Bruce E. Bernstien & Associates is located in Dallas, Texas and serves individuals and businesses throughout Texas and the United States. The Firm has several practice areas as follows:

  • Start-Up Services for Businesses and Nonprofit Organizations. The Firm assists its clients with the selection of the legal entity that fits their needs and then drafts the necessary documents and handles the required legal filings to get the legal entity fully set up. For nonprofit organizations, that also includes applying for Tax Exempt Status with the Internal Revenue Service and with State Tax Authorities.
  • Federal IRS and State Tax Disputes. The Firm assists clients who are contacted by the Internal Revenue Service or State Tax Authorities. That includes responding to notices and representing clients before the IRS and State Tax Agencies.
  • Tax Planning, Returns and Compliance. Proper Tax Planning with our clients ensures that they only pay the taxes they are required to pay. We work with clients year round on their tax situations and assist them in all of the Federal and State Tax Return filing requirements.
  • Tax Exempt and Non-Profit Organizations. Obtaining and maintaining Tax Exempt status for non-profit organizations is of utmost significance to the success of those organizations. We work with non-profit organizations on all aspects of their tax, financial and legal obligations. That includes all Federal and State Tax Return and Report filings.
  • Complex Estate Planning. Individuals need to properly plan their estates to reduce or eliminate estate taxes and properly plan for the transfer of their assets to their heirs. Well drafted Wills and Trusts are part of the estate planning process that must be carefully tailored for each person’s specific situation.
  • Asset Protection. We work with individuals to ensure that judgments and other unforeseen circumstances will not result in their losing significant assets they own. There are various asset protection planning techniques we use to protect those assets and allow individuals to pass them on to their heirs.
  • Wills and Trusts. All individuals should have Wills and/or Trusts carefully drafted to ensure that their assets pass on to their heirs as they intend. This is true whether someone has a significant estate or a small estate. We work with individuals to tailor these documents to their specific situations and needs.
  • Probate Services-Executors of estates have a responsibility to properly handle the tax, financial and legal obligations for their being an executor. We assist executors in all aspects of carrying out their responsibilities to fully comply with the decedent’s intentions and the law.